About Marta

Mentor and business coach with 17 years of experience in working with international customers.

I have managed various customer facing teams in international corporations and Polish companies, and I was the Managing Director of the social economy enterprise. Today, I support organisations and people as a mentor and business coach. Co-workers and business partners describe me as consistent, strong but calm,  with a warm voice.

I have gained experience in RR Donnelley Europe, AT Kearney, Procter & Gamble, SMS Demag in Germany, England and Poland. Due to this experience I have learned how to effectively build long-term relationships with clients and employees, so that they grow together in diverse organisational and geographical cultures.

I have developed a business with a mission of creating workplaces for people with Down’s syndrome. Due to this, I have learned how to make the business profitable within a few months and make a team, that includes people with disabilities work efficiently and effectively.

I act as an advisor to the social economy business, proving that the synergy of traditional and social economy business is possible.

I have graduated from the University of Economics in Katowice – Corporate Management and Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands – International Business Management. Subsequently, I have gained coaching and training competences at Tischner European University- Coach and Trainer as Personal Development Partner (the ACSTH International Coach Federation track) and Center for Transformational Presence (global organisation led by Alan Seale). Due to this, I have learned how much more I need to learn:)

Privately, I am married to Piotr and am mother of 2 teenage daughters Ola and Hania. Due to this  I believe that we are not born as a life partner and a parent, but we become one.

I am passionate about shabby chic, playing piano and family sing star sessions on the porch. It allows me to release my artistic soul.

My code of principles

To myself:

  1. I appreciate every day my least decisions and actions taken
  2. I learn and listen to myself in the receptive mode
  3. In times of doubt, I question my doubts and undertake one small action that brings me closer to my goal
  4. I do sports every day for at least 30 minutes

 To my loved ones:

  1. I take care of my relationship with my loved ones and every day I try to devote a qualitative time just for them
  2. I respect the opinions and decisions of my loved ones and accept them with understanding
  3. I face difficult situations, take action without leaving difficulties to their course
  4. I support my loved ones in making their own decisions and create a space for them to take responsibility for their decisions

To customers and business partners:

  1. Working with customers and business partners, I identify possible solutions and implement the most optimal ones (not always the obvious ones)
  2. I keep my promises consistently
  3. I listen to the needs of my customers and business partners with care and curiosity, I support them in realizing what is important to them and in taking their own responsibility.
  4. I share my knowledge and experience from my faith in people.