A company is not just structures and systems – it’s people. Empower your employees and customers to grow with you!

Empowering in Customer Facing

A tailored program for international businesses, whose aim is to strengthen their performance and create lasting relationships. This relates to both the team itself, as well as to the internal and external customers in an organisation based on common values . The program can be conducted in: Polish, English or German.

Make your employee and team want to achive goals for himself/herself and your business

Positively Productive Team

The aim of this part of the program is to strengthen the team in achieving results while having a positive attitude and making a difference in a rapidly changing world.

Working with a team is a process based on  coaching facilitation preceded by a diagnosis of the initial situation. It helps to build the awareness of  where the team is now and inspires to move towards high motivation and high performance.

Participants will practice and experience:

  • 7 competencies of productivity based on the team resources: Goals& strategies, Alignment, Accountability, Resources, Decision Making, Proactive and Team Leadership
  • 7 competencies of a positive attitude based on the team resources: Trust, Respect, Camaraderie, Optimism, Values Diversity, Communication, Constructive Interaction

After completing this part of the program, participants:

  • know their purpose and values, which are consistent with the team’s ones
  • have knowledge and skills about functioning of their positively productive team and are able to apply them
  • are aware of taking responsibility for the success of the entire team

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

Customer as your business partner

The aim of this part of the program is to strengthen a good and long-lasting relationship with internal and external customers in the new business reality called VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world.

A VUCA world enforces building true relationships,  highest possible and agile responsiveness to customer’s needs. This is about building customer intimacy. Increasing competences in such a reality must be a continuous process rather than single workshop, after which not even 15% of acquired skills are implemented and maintained.

This program, thanks to the process approach, enables the acquisition, implementation and consolidation of customer service skills and is addressed to companies that operate on international markets (in particular).

Participants will practice and experience of how to:

  • Be transformational vs. transactional in a VUCA world with growing customer expectations.
  • Build relationships through deep listening and being fully present (facts, emotions, values ​​and possibilities / potential)
  • Recognize and tailor a message depending on the level of customer’s emotionality and attitude (customer profile matrix)
  • Effectively communicate in a difficult situation with a client while maintaining good relations (von Thun communication square)
  • Turn difficult situations with the client into opportunities for business- and self-development (DiSCO-Transformational Presence model)
  • Deep Simple (Tranformational Presence) as an empowerment technique in building customer relations

After completing this part of the program, participants:

  • Know how to build trust and close relationships with attentiveness to the client
  • Understand the customer intimacy approach based on the potential of the customer, situation as well as self-potential
  • Consolidate acquired skills in the workplace with the support of their Buddy (another program participant) – learning through experience

„Leadership is not a rank or a position, it is a choice – a choice to look after the person to the left of us and the person to the right of us”- Simon Sinek

Leader as personal development partner

Leadership as usual, including creating a vision or being flexible in the face of upcoming changes is not enough in a VUCA world. This is about sensing the opportunity and allowing it to show us how we can best show up and step into the action, that we sense the opportunity is asking for. It is becoming a TransformActional leader , where potential (opportunity), presence and action happen at the same time. The program is a journey during which the leader learns how to use his/her full potential: intellectual, heart intelligence (intuition) and emotional intelligence.

Working with leaders is a workshop- and mastermind process (after the workshop). Thus a leader goes through a process in which he/she is supported in implementing and consolidating acquired competences.  

Participants will learn and practice :

  • 5 core capacities and 4 archetypes of TransformActional leadership
  • Distinguishing between complicated and complex situations / projects (Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Model)
  • Looking at the subject from a broader perspective
  • Push against or flow with the situation / project and what does it mean to support the co-creation process
  • 3 intelligences in pursuit of the answer by integrating facts, emotions and instincts
  • Deep listening and asking the right questions to change the perspective and understand the needs of subordinates, the team and colleagues
  • Strengthening employee’s agency and responsibility, including difficult feedback / feedforward conversations (GROW, STAGES, GOLD models)
  • Supporting employee and team development using coaching tools (e.g. Disney strategy, ABCD, goal grid, mentors table, as if questions)
  • 4 levels of engagement to solve critical situations and explore the opportunities (DiSCO model)

After completing this part of the program, participants:

  • Understand the difference between transactional and transformational approach and know how to support people and organisation in the VUCA world
  • Know how to use their own potential, situation’s and other people’s ones to create new solutions
  • They consolidate acquired skills in their work and life with the support of their Buddy (another program participant) – learning through experience